Business Compliance


Business Compliance 

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This section has been put together so you eliminate the need for expensive consultants when looking into building a management system. 

Things don’t go well by accident and thats a fact, you have to have controls in place in order to become professional improve the P&L each year. Without controls you will implode quickly.


Every business tends to do things in a different way and that is natural and perfectly acceptable. What is important is that each business finds a method of doing every process well and, when you have established your chosen method, test the process over and over again until you find methods of improving. This way you stay ahead of the competition and continue to grow. 

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Continual Improvement 

This is the purpose of creating a management system in any way that works for your business. It can be anything from a series of checklists, a company manual, or a fully documented system complying with ISO 9001.

The benefits of a having a working management system are:

  1. Greater ConsistencyThis means less complaints from your customers and therefore less stress to the people in your business that have to deal with the fallout from the problems.
  2. Less MistakesThis means less reworking and therefore no time-wasting or additional costs.
  3. Greater EfficiencyNot only will you be making fewer mistakes, you will be getting things right first time, with increasing speed as people get accustomed to using the systems (which become increasingly efficient).This efficiency will go straight to your bottom line.
  4. Improved quality of the goods and services going to your customers.This means your customer satisfaction will rise, which will give you a greater number of recommendations and the scope to charge more.


Over the last fifteen years, I have implemented countless management systems to support business activity so I know the benefit of having a professional system in place. 

Companies do not have to spend thousands on expensive consultants to build a support system that will enhance the professionalism of the infrastructure.

All you need to do is follow these support documents below and you will add serious value into the business.

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Lets face it – Unless you have a centralised management system of some form supporting the business you will fail and that inevitable. It doesn’t matter if you are a start up or a well established business, you require stability.