What are our true limits and do we know how to achieve them


Do you really know your limits 


Is it really possible to go beyond your limits and exceed the pain barrier ?

History is shown great people have done just that and as an example, two names come to mind right away.

  • Elon Musk
  • David Goggin’s

If we start with David Goggins

David used to be an elite Navy Seal who competed in Ultra Marathons on a regular basis for a charity that was close to his heart. Ultra Marathons are 100 mile plus races where only the fittest people on the planet compete. You hear runners who compete in your average 26-mile race talk about the brick wall and having to block out pain around mile 15. David was running over a 100 miles competing in races sometimes back to back. So if he hit this brick wall early, you can be sure he smashed the wall apart and if his mind was telling him that’s it stop I’m done, he calculated that he still had 60% reserve in the tank so he wasn’t going to listen to the voice in the brain telling him to stop.


I am not going to go in-depth on David and his achievements as you can read all about them via google but I wanted to use this as an example to prove its possible to push yourself beyond the limits you believe you are capable of.


Elon Musk

Elon IS CEO of a successful car company (Tesla) and runs Spacex that has proposed the development of Mars transportation infrastructure in order to facilitate the eventual colonization of Mars. He also has a large-scale solar business, plus numerous other business ventures currently running alongside.

You cannot even imagine what type of energy and mental focus it takes to control those businesses of that magnitude.  Elon has continually pushed past the limits his brain was telling him he was capable of and in doing so entered a new level of energy he tapped into continuously.


I am just using David and Elon as an example of what’s possible when you force through the barriers set purposely by your brain. We believe in long periods of rest time and constantly say to ourselves “I need to rest” so you drop onto the sofa and search through Netflix Which is a form of self-soothing. You complain you don’t have enough money throughout the year for holidays. You are always trying to make ends meet.

Consider reading this short book on time and you will understand why after reading it.


I have been studying people’s perception of time over the last ten years and what it means to be governed by the 24-hour clock. When you look at it in detail you will see we all start off and then end up at the same finish line, called death. It’s what we do in between that will define you as a person. This short book helps you to understand time in a new way that will lead to you doing a complete re-boot of the brain. Take back control of time before its too late

It will show you a different side into time and will quite possibly shock you


I believe every one of us is capable of going beyond our limits but the question is are we willing to go into those dark places in order to achieve success, if not enjoy that film you are watching on Netflix and have a great day.

By Robert Burrus



How to fight Anxiety and Depression

Mental Toughness

Gain Control Of Your Life Again

I have personally had some major low points in my life where some people call rock bottom but one thing is guaranteed and that is it doesn’t last forever but at the time our brains are telling us life is all but over.

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I am not going to tell you i have the answer for depression but i will tell you i have been close to hell as you could possibly get on numerous occasions but managed to find a way out. So if i can help you improve your life and develop mental toughness in a way that enables you to cope with certain situations then i will feel honoured that i have been able to help.

mental toughness

Some years ago i had a life saving operation that left me with memory loss and limited use of my right arm for nearly six months which cascaded into weeks of depression and not wanted to face each day.  But i got to the point where i thought i am going to challenge myself to make small changes each day, and it almost became a game in the way of wanting to achieve the daily objectives i set myself. I kept it simple at the beginning like just going out for a one mile walk and coming home and doing light stretching exercises, then increase it each day. One thing you will get from this is blood flow to the brain which will then trigger a sensation of wellbeing due to the endorphin release.

We should all start to look at life like this below 

The average lifespan of a human is 25,915 days (71 years) Stats have shown 29.75% (7,709 days) we are sitting down.  Its proven we spend on average 41% (10,625 days) of our lives looking at a technology device.  Imagine that when you think about it, what a waste of life.

We live in a world now where everything is a million miles an hour and we are being forced to push ourselves just so we can keep up with everyone else. We hardly ever make time for ourselves due to the hamster wheel of life that consumes us each day.  Its impossible to keep sanity if we are constantly bombarded with pressure.

Everyone has the right to ME TIME which should involve turning off the smartphone and closing yourself off from life for a short period each day.

This is your life, you are not owned by anyone so make that change and create ME TIME each day as a springboard to a new improved you.

Enjoy the Book