Coast through life and stay within the tolerance bands of being average and its guaranteed throughout your working like, you are going to contribute to making someone else successful.

I wrote this short book about the concept of time and if digested correctly becomes a wakeup call, so I recommend you read the section that breaks down the average persons day. – Enjoy

Can you image the average person reads one book per year, so the rest of the time must be spent flicking through social media, watching Netflix or watching someone on YouTube that is trying to convince you they are making £1000 a day affiliate marketing, working from home.

This is 2019 and we live in an age now where you can learn anything at anytime thanks to the internet running through your smartphone that you can’t help picking up every 5 minutes just to see if something has changed in your Facebook or Instagram page.

When I was studying for a degree, I had to use this building called a library (now called the world wide web) and then spend hours researching books, then writing information down because you couldn’t take books out of the library as you could always guarantee someone had it reserved at the time you wanted it.

Fast forward to current day and you can access information on demand anytime you like so you have the capability to learn anything if you have the mindset to focus. So being average and wasting life in front of a television or using your thumb to flick through pages of crap on Facebook daily just on the off chance you might have missed something, seems to be how a large percentages of people like drifting through life, then they moan about not having enough money each month to cover those bills.

Do the research on people like Elon Musk who is mostly self-taught and look at the number of books he read and absorbed throughout his childhood and even today he continues to read and gain knowledge. Look at the top 1% and what sacrifices they made to achieve success.

The book I wrote a while back proves most people have at least 3 hours spare each evening where they decide its best spent, feet up in front of the TV watching some crap while time drifts by. Imagine if you took those 3 hours and looked at it over a one week period, then you have potentially wasted 21 hours of your existence on this planet.

If you dedicated those 21 hours to gaining knowledge or doing a course, its highly likely you will achieve some level of success. Those 21 hours over the space of one year gives you 1,092 hours each year to focus on improving you.

Time is the one thing you will never get back

You should be looking at yourself as an asset and everything you learn has the potential to improve the net worth of that asset, then take it up a level and set goals with defined objectives so you map out the path to success. The message in all of this is time is the one thing you can never get back once it’s gone so whatever you waste now, you are going to pay for in later years.

By Robert Burrus