ISO 27001  – Get compliant CLICK

Let’s look at the argument for implementation of the standard 

Running a business has a different level of risk now as compared to ten years ago and minimizing those risks have a lot to do with having a robust information security management system in place to support the management system.

The calm before the storm. You now have the General Data Protection Regulations, coming into force in the UK and the rest of Europe, the cyber threat landscape is becoming increasingly hostile and hazardous now.  In the midst of all that, businesses, small and large, are facing the growing threat of cyber-attacks that can impact a business in more ways than one, including:

  • Loss of customer trust,
  • Negatively impact the brand,
  • Causing material financial damage to the bottom line.
  • So you take the initiative and protect your business from the biggest facing companies now  – Cyber Crime 

You have to take ISO 27001 seriously now 

Companies that are awarded ISO 27001:2013 certification can claim that they:

  • Are taking appropriate control measures to protect confidential and privileged information.
  • Are following international best practices to mitigate cyber threats and have cyber incident response and management processes to respond to cyber attacks.
  • Have established a formal information risk management process and a functioning ISMS or Information Security Risk Management System.
  • Assuring customers and regulators that the business takes cyber security risks seriously.
  • Protecting and enhancing your brand reputation. 
  • Satisfying audit requirements by internal teams, customers and or regulators.  
  • Possibly realising financial savings in the long run (reduce expenditure on technology incidents, regulatory fines and non-compliance).

Think about this for one minute

Some of the biggest internal threats to a business ten years ago were things like stealing a little bit of intellectual property, rebranding it and taking it to the next company you end up working. 

Fast forward back to 2019 and you are one click away from infecting your entire IT infrastructure or leaving yourself exposed (under GDPR laws) to seriously large fines.

If you manage the risks involved and keep ahead of the curve you will not be one of these company that ends up being dissolved within two year. Stability and growth is what you will be looking at, as the competition fades away, you get stronger and become more profitable.

By Robert Burrus