The only asset of any value throughout your entire life is you 

Try thinking about it this way

The most valuable asset you own is the present value of your future earnings. But here’s the problem: Despite what your spouse may tell you, the investment called you is getting less valuable with every year that passes.

Something called age creeps in and other people’s problems that end up knocking you off track stops you achieving those life time goals.

Asset depreciation is real – read the points below 

  1. Brain fog 
  2. Age related illnesses 
  3. Joint pains 
  4. inflamation

So every one of us faces a race against time and we are all trying to Make more money each year. But rather than being satisfied with just the annual cost-of-living adjustment, look for ways to increase your value where you work. Pick up new skills. Take extra classes and projects that no one wants. Don’t settle for doing just enough.

Assets have value and the aim is to increase that value and become the subject matter expert in your chosen field of expertise.

Asset Value

This is a totally new age where you can find out any information on the subject you specialise in whenever you like. Google is your best friend and should be propelling you into a valuable commodity.

I wrote a short book on the concept of time and how we can utilise every hour we are awake. The book is a wake up call for people who don’t understand time management

Our working lifespan 

Make your working window longer. Look, I know most of us really like the idea of retiring but it’s a myth. Most people don’t simply work their guts out until 60, then suddenly pull that plug and put on the slippers. People are living longer, and you might be facing a very boring 20 or 30 years without work.

You can only watch so many crap films on Netflix’s

Instead, most people find they still want to be doing something. Contributing value to the world. Working. So plan on it (and invest in your health too, so you’ll still be physically capable of working).

Poor diet can easily lead to a shortened lifespan and the main killer is inflammation that will slow you down and over time grind you to a holt. How are you supposed to be at the top of your game with a body riddled with inflammation and a brain that can’t retain memory.

Remember the body is only a vessel to get us through life so if you abuse it then at some point its inevitable life will be cut short. The gift of life is a one-way ticket towards the grave, it’s what you do in between that counts. At some point we are all going to be a memory inside someone else’s head so make that experience an enjoyable one for them.

I look at people now spending hours staring at social media posts where so-called friends have posted the 35thupdate for the day about what the kids are doing. That’s great if you really want to coast through life or continually be amazed by someone else’s life.

But isn’t this about you and the journey you are on?

I look at someone like Elon Musk who is the ultimate role model because this man has completely nailed the concept of time management and if you study his early years, you will see he is self-taught in a lot of the skills he has developed throughout his years.

His brain has not declined throughout the years he has been in business and he has also maintained a level of fitness even though Elon is responsible for three of the biggest performing businesses in the world.

That is Asset Value taken to the highest level 

So, let’s conclude 

  • Time is the most valuable thing on this planet to you 
  • Health has to be the number one priority 
  • The brain is a hard drive with endless storage capability so use it to the max

To really digest this post and get the ship back on course, read it every day for 1 week 

By Robert Burrus