What is your value 

You are applying for a position that has huge financial rewards but so are 15 other people so what separates you from the rest?

Knowledge is the answer 

How many times have you heard people say knowledge is power?

You only have to look at the top wealthiest people on this planet then go back and look into how they got started in business and you will see they used every single hour awake reading and studying in order to gain knowledge. It might have been more difficult 30 years ago when trying to upskill in a particular subject but today with the technology we have at our disposal, you have no excuse whatsoever. Google has made life simple for you so you can learn anything you desire at any given time. 

So the question is why isn’t everyone super intelligent?

It’s called the path of least resistance and that’s where everyone likes to drift towards.

If you have an important interview planned, the chances are nearly all the information you need on that business is available somewhere on the internet so when the interviewer asks what do you know about what we do, you should be able to confidently answer with enough knowledge that demonstrates you really want to be part of that business.

Every business has competitors so I would be taking it to the level of discussing where and who they are monitoring, and what steps are being taken to stay ahead of the curve and then how is it being analysed.

Imagine if you went into that level of detail due to the knowledge you have gained and that has put you in a position way ahead of the competition, the success rate of you receiving the offer letter is going to be high.

This has to be applied to everything on the career ladder example being:

  • You want to add value to your portfolio 
  • You want that promotion and a salary increase 
  • You want to change carrier paths 
  • You want to create a small independent revenue stream 
  • You want to become a keynote speaker 

Everything reverts back to gaining knowledge and being confident you fully understand what you are talking about.

Neuro Linguistic Programming 

Something you are not taught at school even though its equally important as knowledge so spend time getting to grips with how to handle and read all types of people.

I mean what is the point of having abundance of knowledge if you can’t get it across in the right manner, you want the person that you are having a conversation with to feel comfortable and relaxed and most of all you want them to feel engaged. That is a skill in itself and young children leaving school today do not have that skill. In fact, even the teachers don’t have the right level of engagement skill.

You need to learn mannerisms, tone of voice and body language 

These are your own Key Performance Indicators to tell you if you are engaging correctly with the person in front of you and the person is showing interest in what you are saying.

If you gain this skill in life, then it’s going to project you up to a high level because people will be drawn to you because of this certain skill you portray.

You should be able to analysis: 

  • Eye movement and what it means 
  • Tone of voice 
  • Body language 
  • Key words 

If you take time to really learn this skill, you are going to be flying up the corporate ladder because people will want to engage with you. An MBA in Business Management will have key modules to get you to fully understand business fundamentals, but it doesn’t teach you how to interact correctly at all levels.

Bring the two areas together and you have guaranteed success

By Robert Burrus