Every ten years the world changes at a rapid rate and in order to keep up with technological advances you have to keep learning.

The world is overpopulated now and if you want to stand out from the crowd you must have a level of intelligence that makes you unique and valuable to whoever is hiring those skills you have acquired through hours of study.

How times have changed 

I remember having to visit a library every time I needed information that would help with homework but then you were limited by what was sitting on the shelf at that particular time. Fast forward to the back end of 2019 and you have been gifted with technology that allows you to be knowledgeable in virtually everything.

Everyone has a smart phone so you can access whatever you want whenever you want. Children shouldn’t have any excuses when it comes to achieving high grades, and same goes for university students. I completed a degree in 1998 and research was limited compared to technology now.

The point I am making is, you have the potential to be a valuable asset so because of easily searchable material, you have no excuse to increase that asset value called you. In reality now you can pick a topic and become a subject matter expert without having to spend a great deal on education. This is how the world has changed because in the early 90s you would have been buying books or heading to the library.

Most of our lives are visible on social media now and we don’t seem to care about privacy because people are searching for gratification from others. 

Type into google time spent on social media and you will see on the top listing “according to the survey internet users are now spending an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes per day” so if you think about it and break it down it becomes a serious shock.

Read the link below if you really want a shock

That’s nearly 16 hours a week watching someone else show you a post of what they have just had for lunch or where they were on the weekend. You could easily use those 16 hour each week to complete a course that increases your value in this world or read a book that also increases intelligence.

Look at it another way, potentially you are wasting 768 hours a year watching what other people are doing and time is one thing that you will never get back, just go and visit old people living the last couple of months hooked up to machines and drips in hospital and then ask them if they had time given back to them, what would they have done differently, what would they have changed.

I live in a university town so students make up a large percentage of the population, one thing I will never forget while visiting a local restaurant one Saturday afternoon, and then looking across at 6 students sitting around a table. Not one of them talked to each other, you might have got the odd yes or no, but they were messaging each other during the meal. 

We now have a generation where millennials have lost social interaction skills and that is dangerous if you want to succeed up the career ladder.

The two things that will drive you to the top and that is 

  1. Social interaction skills 
  2. A high level of intelligence 

Work on those 2 things, master them and you are heading to the top