Robert Burrus is a focused professional with extensive experience in business strategy.  He has a proven track record of building and increasing revenue streams, enhancing shareholder value and customer experience.

Strategy for successful businesses

Robert is a strategic thinker, with an eye for business development opportunities.  He is an effective and respected leader, with experience in building high-performing teams and a proven track record in increasing Net Profits.  If your company or organisation want sharper, clearer and more profitable strategies for the future call Robert on 0044 7469292255.

Help resolving conflicts

Robert is an expert on conflict resolution in business situations. If your company or organisation have specific conflict situations right now and you need help, call Robert on 0044 7469292255. He can  talk with you and your team, get a handle on what is really going on and provide strategies to solve the conflicts.

Implementation of management systems

Robert has many years experience in setting up successful corporate quality processes, including ISO 9001, Cyber Essentials and a range of other trusted accreditations in a variety of industries. If your company or organisation need to attain certification to obtain work in your industry sector, call Robert on 0044 7469292255.