Enterprise Risk Professional  & Strategy Expert

Focused professional with extensive experience in business strategy. Proven track record of enhancing shareholder value and customer experience. Strategic thinker, with an eye for business development opportunities. An effective and respected leader, with experience in building high-performing teams. Proven track record in increasing Net Profits. Managed high-value projects in hostile areas and recovered businesses while managing high levels of risk.

 Robert Burrus Overview pdf

Skilled in 

  • Project and Programme Management  (ISO 21500)

  • Enterprise Risk Management (ISO 31000)

  • Information Security / Data Management  (27001)

  • Strategic Management (ISO 26000)

  • Integrated Management Systems (Pas 99)

  • Conflict Resolution

  • ISO 9001/2015 Internal Management Systems

  • Revenue Generation 

  • Hostile Environments 


  • Saved the US Government Office $50 Million over a 3 Year period while on one of the biggest US Military Bases in the Gulf. 
  • Asset recovery management US Military Contract
  • Recovered a construction project in Jeddah Saudi Arabia and created savings of $17 million
  • Recovered a failed engineering business in Waterford (Ireland) and traded out of a 4.2 Million Euro debt.
  • By re-designing a solar energy system for Kalimat Telecom savings of 2 million US dollars were produced over a 4  year period.
  • Achieved full building control for Legal & General Modular Homes
  • Assurance and Risk Management for the Oyster Card Project London
  • Head of Risk Green Line with Elevation Qatar Rail Project 
Focused Professional helping businesses achieve Revenue Growth

Expert in the Implementation of Business Systems

Companies and organisations are now expected to prove competency across an increasing number of disciplines in order to win contracts in both the private and public sector. A management system (MS) is one of the best ways of reassuring potential clients that you can meet their aims and objectives. I have implemented high-level Management Systems for the US Military, Private Sector Businesses, and numerous JV Rail Projects UK and MIddle East.

Skilled in Enterprise Risk Management

Companies need to take risks to create value, and manage risks to protect value. There is a range of ‘optimal risk taking’ which supports maximum return and effective risk management is about ensuring that the risks an organisation takes are the right ones and that they are appropriately managed.